Ive read a number of books by Cory Doctorow in the last year or so and  while I’m not the target demographic for some of his work, i have thoroughly enjoyed them the last book i read Down and out in the magic kingdom has an interesting take on society and how our social “whuffie” the measure of social credit, is the currency of the day. like using instagram or twitter likes as currency. its definitely an interesting read and explores the idea of meritocracy and mortality.

One of the most incredible things is that all of Cory’s books are available for free on http://craphound.com/ you can buy them too but you don’t have to Although you should as this supports him and his family. You can also re write them and add chapters or remix the story and you have Cory’s blessing to do so! he uses creative commons rights management  and hates DRM (digital rights management) I recommend after you have decided you like the way he writes that you buy the book you just read and then choose another preferably from your local indy book store he loves indy!Cory Doctorow at his desk